The F Words

Let's talk about the three F words... and no I'm not talking about the the bad ones!! As humans we have 3 responses to perceived danger. Fight, flight or freeze. These reactions are our bodies way of protecting us from whatever the threat may be at that time. I admit that I am known at times for my slowww reaction times as I take a minute to process things but at the same time I am quick to run first and ask questions later. Anyway, like I said these responses are necessary to life and the way we function. These perceived dangers obviously could be being alert to a potential robbery, being aware of your surroundings, social-distancing so you don't get COVID etc. They happen naturally and many times we don't even pay much attention to it. The perceived danger that I'm talking about right now though is the emotional kind that we can assume based on our past traumas, depression, anxieties, past experiences and trust issues. These perceived dangers can cause us to Fight those who try to get close to us, Flee away from those we should run to, and Freeze or close up our hearts to those deserving to get in. When faced with a "perceived" attack we automatically can jump to the most "extreme" conclusion even when there's no basis. We may push those we truly love away for the fear/anticipation that they will one day leave or confess their secret hate for us. To those without anxiety and depression these thoughts may sound "crazy". But for us who struggle with it, it is an everyday thing.

So! How do we work on our Three F words? Practice. Yes I know it sounds very cliché but seriously! Practice makes perfect. It WILL not happen overnight but it IS possible to gain BALANCE. Next, communicate. Now, this one may be a little hard. It is important to communicate with those close to you about the way your thought process is and why it is the way it is AND what you're doing to fix it. Ask for their patience in this journey. Some may stick with you, and some may not. Which brings us to our other step. Let go of those who make you feel worse about the things you already know you deal with. If you tell yourself something is wrong with you everyday why in the world do you need someone else to do it?? If someone can't take you at your worst.. why would they deserve you while you become the best version of yourself? Surround yourself with GOOD VIBES ONLY!!! 

You got this. Keep your head up and remember to take it one day at a time. 

Life is tough, my darlings, but so are you.

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